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Christophe Champs - Founder of PODO

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A keen sportsman and former Rugby player for the RACING CLUB DE FRANCE, Christophe Champs got his drive and passion for & Biomechanics at an early age while experiencing the benefits of orthotics on his own body and performances.

After graduating at the INSTITUT NATIONAL DE PODOLOGIE (75016 Paris), Christophe lived and worked in Paris, Toronto, Dubai, Monaco, London and in the Maldives where he gained experience in medical pedicures using the Bastien Gonzalez method and designed insoles for 5 stars hotel (BGA insoles).

Christophe also worked for 7 years at DECATHLON and trained 9 of their stores about the technicalities of Running gear and footwear for brands including NIKE, ADIDAS, ASICS, MIZUNO, NEW BALANCE and house brand KALENJI.

Utilising those experiences in R&D to treat his patients, Christophe believes orthotics, shoes and lacing methods play a big part of the puzzle when solving any mechanical body pain, referring to other therapists when necessary.

Based in London since 2016, Christophe founded PODO to make accessible and affordable with PODO insoles & PODO insoles 2.0, previously available in fitness studios. Besides, Christophe was developing an existing clinic near Oxford Circus, offering a different method in the capital, by making the orthotics during a 90 minutes appointment.

In April 2021, Christophe opened a brand-new CLINIC & WORKSHOP on Mortimer Street, taking PODO and its ambassador to the next level, bringing in his expertise and experience, updating all the equipment and upgrading the software acquisition with GAIT & MOTION TECHNOLOGY, while the orthotics are still made on the same day and ready to wear at the end of the 90 minutes appointment.

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