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28 Mortimer Street, 2nd Floor

W1W 7RD, London (Direction)

Welcome to PODO, the two in one place near Covent garden

to diagnose and treat your body pain or to simply make your body work better.

Since 2016 our awakes the awareness on the importance of good foundation

through a thorough consultation and the moulding of orthotics onto the patients' feet.

Information / Booking

020 3301 2900

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Podiatry Clinic In Covent Garden

Podiatry in Covent Garden

You probably have a lot on your mind after a long day of work in Covent Garden, including how your feet look in the brand-new pair of shoes you just purchased. You might enjoy walking around in sandals along the shore of a warm beach while eating fries as another one of your favourite things to do. There is only one thing that we need to be concerned about when it comes to our feet, and that is podiatry.

Your first order of business when looking for a podiatrist in the Covent Garden area should be to educate yourself about the specialty of podiatry. Podiatry is able to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries that affect the lower leg and foot. Some of these conditions and injuries include: Podiatric doctors or practitioners are medical doctors or practitioners who specialise in the field of podiatry. Podiatry is the medical treatment of foot and ankle conditions. It is common knowledge that having healthy feet is essential to living a long and healthy life, and the professionals who practise podiatric medicine in Chelsea are well-versed in the importance of having healthy feet.

Your PODO podiatry

Walking places stress on your feet, which in turn has an effect on your ankles, which in turn has an effect on your knees, which in turn has an effect on your thighs, and so on. It is possible for the improper functioning of any one of these joints to have a ripple effect on the others. These joints are all connected to one another. All of these disparate joints are interconnected with one another in some fashion.

For example, if you wear shoes or socks that do not offer your feet the adequate amount of support, this could be one of the contributing factors that leads to back pain. Because of this, you need to schedule an appointment with a qualified podiatrist in Covent Garden, such as the ones found at PODO, in order to get the pain under control and stop it from getting any worse in the future.

Things you should know about podiatry

More than 250 bones can be found in each of your feet. In addition, they have a layer of skin on their bodies that can be fragile or dry depending on the environment in which they live. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to shield them from danger and injury as much as is humanly possible.

If you take good care of your feet, it may be possible for you to avoid more serious health issues in the future. Your podiatrist in Covent Garden can help you greatly reduce the risk of developing serious health problems as a result of untreated foot conditions by recommending that you visit them on a regular basis. Right here at PODO, we provide the highest quality podiatry care in the Covent Garden area.

Consultation / Analysis

Foot, ankle, knee, hip, biomechanics, gait, posture, and footwear analysis.

A thorough assessment to:
- Listen to your concerns;
- Establish a diagnosis;
- Discuss our conservative approach to your medical problem;
- Set up your goals and treatment plan.

Looking at your entire body to assess both postural and structural factors.


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