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Podo Insoles distribute evenly the pressures under the feet to reduce the excessive skin build-up such as corns and calluses.


Podo Insoles align and support the body to prevent most of musculoskeletal disorders due to collapsing foot and misalignments above​.



On the one hand, the heel cups cradle and centralize the soft tissues under the heels to absorb the impacts naturally.

On the other hand, the high-performance, long lasting and flexible materials selected by our R&D team ensure superior comfort and performance.


Podo Insoles perfectly mold each foot sole to stimulate the exchanges of information with the brain. Thus, Podo Insoles enhance your sensations and improves your precision.



There are 2 feet in each foot.

Each foot has 28 bones, organised in 2 groups: The “Calcaneus foot” group and the “Talus foot” group, Both are hinged together around a transition line to ensure 2 opposite functions: Stability & Mobility




The “Calcaneus foot” starts with the heel bone (named Calcaneus) on which the foot strikes the ground. It includes the external side of the foot and ends with the 4th & 5th toes.

The “Calcaneus foot” has a role of support and must be properly cushioned as it has few mobility and receives up to 3 times the body weight when running.​

A Podo insole cradles your heel and centralizes your natural cushion (fat pad) under it.

The material selected (PORON Comfort) ensures an additional protection; its visco-elasticity absorbs forces without dissipating the energy previously stocked within fasciae and ligaments.


The foot rolls inwards and forces are transferred from the "Calcaneus foot" to the more flexible “Talus foot”. Thanks to joints mobility of the “talus foot”, the entire sole will be adapted to the floor and its uneven surfaces.


The "Talus foot" starts with the central bone of the ankle (named Talus), includes the internal mid-foot and ends with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd toes. The "Talus foot" has a role of cushion and must be properly guided and supported. 


Our Podologist designed an innovative stabiliser to offer 3 types of support for your feet whether they are flat, arched or collapsed.

The energy saved during the foot strike and the reactivity of our materials offer more dynamism to boost your performances.


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