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Corns and Calluses - Get rid of it !

Heels and metatarsal heads bear most of the pressure from standing and walking. On these parts, corns and calluses (areas of thickened skin) appear in response to prolonged and excess mechanical stresses from ground reaction forces and footwear pressures on your feet. High-heels and narrow-toes increase that phenomenon, as this kind of shoes shifts your body’s weight to the front of your foot leading to intermittent pressure. In addition, those shoes rarely provide enough room for your toes, leading to rubbing and friction.

To reduce or avoid that kind of issues, make sure to :

  • Wear shoes that fit you properly (good size with extra width and depth, soft soles, and heels lower than 2 inches)

  • Use foot creams and lotions to keep your feet deeply moisturized

  • Give yourself or go for massages to stretch your foot muscles and remodel your fat pads

  • Ask your podiatrist for an assessment. If necessary, an arch support or an orthotic could provide more support and reduce pressure.


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