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Developmental milestones from birth to 5 years old

At birth, your infant gains mobility in their lower and upper limbs, but struggles to support their head. When you carry him/her, their head tilts and needs support to stay straight to avoid discomfort and poor development.

  • At 2 months old, infants can begin raising their forearms. They begin gaining control of their head.

  • At 5 months old, your infant may begin bearing more weight.

  • At 6 months old, your infant can roll and support their own weight, from prone to supine position.

  • At 7 months old, infants can sit unsupported.

  • At 9 months old, they start to crawl and can stand temporarily, holding on to support (furniture for instance)

  • At 1 years old, your toddler starts to walk supported by one hand. Also, he/she can squat with wide base of support.

  • At 15 months old, your child can walk, kneel and stand up unaided, he/she can also climb stairs on all fours.

  • At 2 years old, they can climb stairs two feet per stair. Then, they start to run and jump.

  • At 3 years old, children can run, hop and falls less frequently.

  • At 4 years old, they can walk downstairs one foot per step.

  • At 5 years old, one may have seen them skipping with both feet.

The milestones mentioned above are just some landmarks for parents to avoid any worries about developmental steps.

According to each child you may have some variations, which are not systematically a developmental issue. If you have any questions or concerns contact a podiatrist for an assessment.

Source: « Introduction to podopaediatrics, 2nd édition », 2001, par Thomson & Volpe


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