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Understanding is everything

Like any problem, a physical condition needs to be properly understood in order to be improved.


With the wealth of information available online it can be easy to feel confused and overwhelmed about what’s right for you. Here you’ll find not only relevant information about orthotics and biomechanics but also common misconceptions and myths that I’ll set straight. Anything here that you’d like to discuss or find out more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Toe Deformities

PODIATRY & BIOMECHANICS is leaded by Christophe Champs, specialised in Chiropody, Podiatry and Biomechanics to share his clinical experience over 12 years working around the world with athletes and challenging cases. Script: Today we are going to talk about Toe deformities such as bunion and hammertoes. Their root cause is a lack of foot support. As soon as your foot lack of support, you end up on your forefoot too soon and for too long, supporting your body on it, misaligning the joints above (ankle, knee, pelvis) and more importantly crasping your toes. To offload the ball of the foot it will be a natural reaction to use the pulp of each toe. However, with orthotics, we offload the ball of the foot thanks to an arch support, allowing your foot to rock back to front. Landing on the heel, supporting on the arch and pushing off on the forefoot. With the toes much lighter, floating! Music: Mes(s)merized Musician: Philip E Morris

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