The French Podology is a science defined as all acts aimed at treating biomechanical misalignments affecting your back, hips, knees and feet.

Podologists are the practitioners who fix imbalances affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Podologists lead technical a...

Barefoot and minimalist footwears are questioned to contribute to metatarsal stress fractures.

We will discuss the precautions to take when wearing those atypical footwears or when running barefoot.

A guenine mainspring :
Sports shoes used to reduce your tactile and prop...

To prevent foot pain but remain elegant.
I also advise my patients to avoid to wear heels higher than 2 inches.
Here are 5 reasons explaining why your heel height should not exceed 2 inches:

First reason :

High heels elongate and define your legs. However, the longer you...

For many parents, the gait of their child when he starts walking or running may appear as a concern if the child has intoeing (if he is « pigeon-toed » !)

Normaly, your child’s feet are supposed to point straight ahead, in the direction of progression whe...

At birth, your infant gains mobility in their lower and upper limbs, but struggles to support their head. When you carry him/her, their head tilts and needs support to stay straight to avoid discomfort and poor development.

  • At 2 months old, infants can begin raising...

Heels and metatarsal heads bear most of the pressure from standing and walking.
On these parts, corns and calluses (areas of thickened skin) appear in response to prolonged and excess mechanical stresses from ground reaction forces and footwear pressures on your feet.

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