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Created of a range of components. At PODO our experts mix and match a series of thermo-mouldable components to satisfy your body type, style and also degree of activities, grow older, lifestyle as well as underlying ailments.

As our team liked adaptable products to difficult plastic, you perform certainly not must use all of them on and also off to acquire use to them. The orthotics rapidly bed in, end up being a lot more relaxed and also your experience on all of them even more all-natural after a week or more

Both orthotics are various as both feet are moulded individually targeting to deliver your body along with additional proportion and a lot less unbalance.

For each foot form to programs on the orthotics as well as for even more accuracy in our treatment strategy, our company mildewed slim levels, together, directly onto your shoes, adhesive them entirely and also cut the orthotics in front of you.




Constructed out of a stable of products. At PODO we blend and also match a range of thermo-mouldable materials to match your body type, kind and level of activities, grow older, way of life as well as hidden conditions.

As our team chose flexible products to tough plastic, you carry out not need to use them on and also off to get make use of to all of them. The orthotics swiftly mattress in, become a lot more pleasant and your sensation on all of them much more natural after a week or two.

Both orthotics are actually different as both feets are moulded separately targeting to offer your body with additional balance and much less unbalance.

For each shoe form to shows on the orthotics and for more precision in our procedure plan, our company molded thin coatings, together, straight onto your shoes, glue all of them all together and cut the orthotics in front of you.


Go further with your orthotics

Orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle in helping your body work better.

Below you will find a wealth of information that has been helping patients around the world get the ‘big picture’.

The following resources (articles, videos and tutorials) do not just strive to give out the right advice, they also set the record straight on common misconceptions.

Patient resources
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