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Made out of a range of materials. At PODO we mix and match a range of thermo-mouldable materials to suit your body type, type and level of activities, age, lifestyle and underlying conditions.

As we preferred flexible materials to hard plastic, you do not have to wear them on and off to get use to them. The orthotics quickly bed in, become even more comfortable and your sensation on them more natural after a week or two.

Both orthotics are different as both feet are moulded independently aiming to provide your body with more symmetry and less unbalance.

For each foot shape to shows on the orthotics and for more precision in our treatment plan, we mould thin layers, one after the other, directly onto your feet, glue them all together and trim the orthotics in front of you.



At PODO, your orthotics are moulded directly onto your feet (no foot cast) then crafted in front of you, during your 90 minutes appointment.

You walk way with your orthotics into your shoes.


 - Short orthotics (3/4 length) , leaving the toe area free. Ideal for Dressy or casual shoes with little or no volume inside available.

Recommended whenever you CANNOT remove the original inner layer (hygienic sole) from the shoes. Also recommended for golfers and weightlifters.

 - Long orthotics (full length) . Ideal for casual shoes and Sport trainers.

Recommended whenever you CAN remove the original inner layer (hygienic sole) from the shoes. The runners, cyclists and skiers' favourite set!

As our orthotics are made for your feet, not for your shoes, one pair of orthotics is enough if you manage to wear them a maximum.

Orthotics being a conservative treatment, it requires you to wear them to feel their benefits.

Go further with your orthotics

Orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle in helping your body work better.

Below you will find a wealth of information that has been helping patients around the world get the ‘big picture’.

The following resources (articles, videos and tutorials) do not just strive to give out the right advice, they also set the record straight on common misconceptions.
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