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Constructed out of a series of materials. At PODO our experts blend as well as match a stable of thermo-mouldable materials to satisfy your body type, style and level of tasks, age, lifestyle and also underlying problems.

As our company preferred pliable components to hard plastic, you perform not must use them on as well as off to obtain utilize to them. The orthotics rapidly bed in, come to be much more comfy as well as your feeling on all of them a lot more organic after a week or 2

Both orthotics are different as each feets are actually mildewed separately aiming to provide your body system along with even more symmetry and a lot less unbalance.

For every shoe form to programs on the orthotics and for additional accuracy in our treatment program, our experts mildewed thin coatings, one after the other, directly onto your shoes, adhesive all of them all together as well as cut the orthotics in front of you.



At PODO, your orthotics are moulded straight onto your feet (no feet actors) at that point crafted before you, during your 90 mins session.
You walk method with your orthotics into your footwear
Our company offer TWO TYPES OF ORTHOTICS:

- Short orthotics (3/4 duration), leaving behind the toe place free of cost. Perfect for Dressy or informal shoes along with little or even no volume inside on call.
Encouraged whenever you CAN NOT get rid of the original inner layer (sanitary single) from the footwear. Additionally encouraged for golf enthusiasts and also weightlifters
- Long orthotics (total length). Perfect for informal shoes as well as Sports coaches.
Encouraged whenever you CAN eliminate the original inner layer (sanitary main) from the footwear. The runners, bicyclists and skiers' preferred collection!

As our orthotics are actually produced your feet, not for your footwear, one set of orthotics suffices if you take care of to use them a maximum.
Orthotics being a conservative procedure, it demands you to use them to experience their perks.


Go further with your orthotics

Orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle in helping your body work better.

Below you will find a wealth of information that has been helping patients around the world get the ‘big picture’.

The following resources (articles, videos and tutorials) do not just strive to give out the right advice, they also set the record straight on common misconceptions.

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