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- Made out of a wide range of thermo-mouldable materials to suit your body type, type and level of activity, age, lifestyle and underlying conditions.


- Moulded directly onto your feet (without the use of foot casts) and crafted in front of you, your orthotics are ready to wear at the end of your 90 minutes appointment.

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Golf orthotics: Once grounded, you can focus on your swing.

Stability is key when golfing. From standing upright to the moment you will tilt forward from your hips while keeping your back straight until the club touches the ground, it is essential to be well-grounded.


Focusing on your stance and posture allows you to relax and will relieve every back and neck tension to swing smoothly and effortlessly.


To remain in control of your swing requires a good coordination between your lower body and your upper body. At PODO, this is what we call a ‘game of dissociation’.

Male Golfer

A game of dissociation.

In the same way that a tango dancer learns how to walk and manoeuvre his partner, when golfing, you use your body as one coordinated and powerful instrument, both parts of the body (upper and lower) must be dissociated and analysed to gain results.

Think less, play more.

Golf orthotics / insoles work as soon as you wear them, like an invisible pair of crutches hidden in your golf shoes. Stop thinking! You do not have to voluntarily think about your muscles to hold you back and upright as your orthotics hold you grounded effortlessly. The toes will feel lighter as your line of gravity is restored in its neutral and healthy position. Muscles will work together within anterior, posterior, and crossed chains.

Short or long pair of orthotics?

At PODO we offer two types of orthotics. One short length pair (leaving the forefoot free) and one full length pair, often called sports orthotics. However, golfing is a standing sport that includes lots of walking. Of course, no drastic changes of direction or running are involved in golf. The short pair of orthotics/insoles is often preferred. Simply use the volume available in the shoes while fitting in both, golf, and casual shoes to make the most of your treatment plan.

Go further with your orthotics

Orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle in helping your body work better.

Below you will find a wealth of information that has been helping patients around the world get the ‘big picture’.

The following resources (articles, videos and tutorials) do not just strive to give out the right advice, they also set the record straight on common misconceptions.



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