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- Made out of a wide range of thermo-mouldable materials to suit your body type, type and level of activity, age, lifestyle and underlying conditions.


- Moulded directly onto your feet (without the use of foot casts) and crafted in front of you, your orthotics are ready to wear at the end of your 90 minutes appointment.

Clinic & Workshop

28 Mortimer Street, 2nd Floor

London,W1W 7RD 


Info / Booking

020 3301 2900


Ski orthotics

Like cycling, skiing is a sport with no landing. Orthotics track your knees and hips from your feet while optimizing your stance and posture.


The control of your skis comes from a stable and well-balanced position of your body within the ski boots. Keeping your hip-width apart and the skis parallel to each other, with your ankle, knees and hip slightly bent will all feel much more natural to you with custom moulded insoles.


Whether you practice at a professional or recreational level, it will be easier to improve your skiing technique following the 90 minutes we will spend together at PODO. Bring your ski boots and some ski socks to run our tests in the best conditions.

Ski Equipment

Ski boots are the best orthopaedics shoes.

Ski boots are the best footwear to accommodate orthotics, from the volume they offer to their exceptional rigidity. You'll even find that skiing becomes much easier with a pair of custom moulded orthotics! When you want to turn right, you press left and when you want to turn left, you press right!  Easy, isn’t it?


Foot fitting before boot fitting!


Just as the bike is essential to cycle, ski boots are the number one accessory for skiing. In both cases, the feet must be fitted for orthotics first, accessories always come second once your stance and posture has been addressed. This provides you with more support and the right alignment before even touching the gear. When getting a new set of orthotics, make sure you visit your boot fitter to adapt the sock or the shell of your ski boots to your freshly realigned body.

Get in touch at if you need any boot fitter.



Playing footsie

"Admittedly, an orthopaedic appointment might not sound like the sexiest of Christmas gifts at first but, trust us, your beloved will be thanking you once they’re on the slopes and experiencing the difference custom-made orthotics can make to their skiing!"

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Go further with your orthotics

Orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle in helping your body work better.

Below you will find a wealth of information that has been helping patients around the world get the ‘big picture’.

The following resources (articles, videos and tutorials) do not just strive to give out the right advice, they also set the record straight on common misconceptions.

From wonderful walks in Hyde Park, Regents Park, the Thames path, Hampstead Heath Circular or simply when commuting to work through Oxford street, Piccadilly Circus, Covent garden, Mayfair, Soho... every step matters at Podo London!


Besides educating patients and sharing our tips to make your body works better, the Podo Clinic and Workshop, offers a thorough assessment to assess and analyse your posture, gait, and biomechanics. Providing all type of patients with custom orthotics made in-house, directly moulded onto the feet and ready to wear at the end of a single 90 minutes appointment.


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