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28 Mortimer Street, 2nd Floor

W1W 7RD, London (Direction)

Welcome to PODO, the two in one place near St Johns Wood

to diagnose and treat your body pain or to simply make your body work better.

Since 2016 our awakes the awareness on the importance of good foundation

through a thorough consultation and the moulding of orthotics onto the patients' feet.

Information / Booking

020 3301 2900



Consultation / Analysis

Foot, ankle, knee, hip, biomechanics, gait, posture, and footwear analysis

An exhaustive appraisal to:
- Pay attention to your interests;
- Set up a finding;
- Examine our moderate way to deal with your clinical issue;
- Put forth up your objectives and treatment plan.

Check out your whole body to survey both postural and underlying elements.

Best Consultant St Johns wood

NEW PODO Orthotics.jpeg


Orthotics / Insoles

At PODO St Johns Wood, London, your orthotics are shaped straightforwardly onto your feet (no foot cast) and made before you, during your hour and a half arrangement.

PODO Orthotics are made from a scope of thermo-mouldable materials. Blended and matched in our studio to suit your age, way of life and hidden conditions.

You leave with your orthotics into your shoes.

Best Orthotics in St Johns Wood

Articles, tips and tricks

Adopting a multi-faceted approach to health, the PODO blog offers you various articles, either written by Christophe or by the UK press among Vanity Fair and the Daily Mail.

Plenty of topics including the impacts of working from home, a pregnancy or high heels on your health.

Best Consultant in St Johns Wood


Comfort & Performance

PODO Orthotics / Insoles do not just affect your feet. Your knees, hips, back, and neck are involved too, positively impacting your entire body.

Orthotics are made for your feet and fitted to your
body type, sports and level of activities.

Custom Foot Orthotics Clinic in  St Johns Wood

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