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28 Mortimer Street, 2nd Floor

W1W 7RD, London (Direction)

Welcome to PODO, Clinic WorkShop In HARLEY STREET

to diagnose and treat your body pain or to simply make your body work better.

Since 2016 our consultants awakes the awareness on the importance of good foundation

through a thorough consultation and the moulding of orthotics onto the patients' feet.

Information / Booking

020 3301 2900

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Clinic Workshop In Harley Street

Clinic workshop in Harley Street

Would you like to improve your posture, prevent injuries, and feel more confident? PODO will be hosting a clinic workshop in Harley Street where you can receive consultation and analysis from our expert practitioners. During the clinic workshop in Harley Street, we will assess both your posture and structural factors.

We will look at every aspect of your posture and how it's impacting your body. This assessment includes foot, ankle, knee, hip, biomechanics, gait, and posture analysis. This is an excellent way to take a comprehensive look at your body and identify potential weak points, which may help prevent injuries in the future. We’ll bring your body into alignment—and make sure it stays there!

Reasons to be in the clinic workshop

PODOis coming to Harley Street for a clinic workshop. We're going to be conducting a clinic workshop where we'll analyze your posture and help you improve it, so that you can stand up straight, walk tall, and take on the world!

Good posture prevents pain. Your body is built to move, and when you don't move it correctly, you run the risk of pain—and that's not good for anyone!  It reduces the risk of injury. When your muscles are strong and flexible, they're less likely to get injured in the first place. It makes you look and feel more confident. When we feel confident, we project that confidence outwardly—and it shows!

PODO in Harley Street

We all know that the human body is a pretty amazing machine. It can do so much, but sometimes it gets a little... stuck. Maybe your knee hurts from walking too often on concrete, or maybe your back is always stiff and sore from sitting at work all day. That's where PODO comes in.

At PODO, we believe that if you can understand how you move through your day-to-day life in terms of posture and gait, you can better understand where problems might arise and what can be done to address them.

Experience clinic workshop with PODO

Our Harley Street clinic workshop is about more than just diagnosing and treating your medical problem. It's about making sure that you're getting the best care possible, so that you can get back to living your life with confidence and ease.

We'll listen to your concerns, establish a diagnosis, discuss our conservative approach to your medical problem, and set up goals and treatment plans that are right for you. So, when you walk out of our clinic, we want you to feel like this wasn't just another time-consuming appointment that gave you no real answers or solutions: we want you to feel like it was worth every second of the wait!

Foot, ankle, knee, hip, biomechanics, gait, posture, and footwear analysis.

A thorough assessment to:
- Listen to your concerns;
- Establish a diagnosis;
- Discuss our conservative approach to your medical problem;
- Set up your goals and treatment plan.

Looking at your entire body to assess both postural and structural factors.


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