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Understanding is everything

Like any problem, any health condition needs to be properly understood in order to be improved.


With the wealth of information available online it can be easy to feel confused and overwhelmed about what’s right for you. Here you’ll find not only relevant information about orthotics and biomechanics but also common misconceptions and myths that I’ll set straight. Anything here that you’d like to discuss or find out more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



You might have already read lots of different things about pronation on the internet.

I just want you to remember two things about the subject:


PRONATION is your best friend at a foot and knee level as this movement helps to absorb the shocks.

Only OVER-PRONATION must be controlled as it misaligns your body.


PRONATION CONTROL in running shoes (like Asics duomax, Mizuno double/triple waves, Nike dynamic support…) can work with orthotics. However, they must be prescribed according to your feet and knee, not only while running with shoes on on a treadmill.



Arched and hypermobile feet or bow-leggedness are two good reasons (among many) to stay away from those types of running shoes.

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