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Understanding is everything

Like any problem, any health condition needs to be properly understood in order to be improved.


With the wealth of information available online it can be easy to feel confused and overwhelmed about what’s right for you. Here you’ll find not only relevant information about orthotics and biomechanics but also common misconceptions and myths that I’ll set straight. Anything here that you’d like to discuss or find out more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapist

This is the most mobile part of the back.


When it comes to the lower back it is essential to keep an eye on:

Your BED MATTRESS where you spend a third of your life.

Your CHAIRS and DESK setting, including the car seat too depending on how much time you spend in it.


The spine is made up of a chain of bones (vertebrae) connected by ligament and spinal disks.

Some vertebrae are fused together (like the sacrum and coccyx) others can move for our body to adapt and remain upright despite a misalignment, an imbalance and various conditions, either congenital or acquired.

Misalignment can affect and alter joint mechanics.

This can harm and cause pain in the lower back.

Not only that but it can also cause some muscles to work harder than others in turn creating stiffness and pain.


To find out if your lower back can benefit from orthotics and how much relief you could expect from wearing a pair, simply look at your lifestyle and ask yourself one simple question; How much am I on my feet during the day (commuting, work, cooking dinner, walking the dog…)?

This will tell you how big this part of the puzzle is for you.

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